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GREEN Always

BH&L Decorators is constantly researching ways to engage in a more eco-friendly environment.  We have constituted a more energy-efficient environment for our work place from updating our lighting system to instituting a greener recycling program.


Not leaving a carbon footprint is an ongoing concern for BH&L and our employees.  While subject to local facility operating procedures for vehicles, BH&L uses natural gas (propane) fuel for all of our forklifts. We also encourage our employees to find new and innovative ways to help us continue on this path.


Our service kits are available electronically, thus saving paper and with our online ordering system, we continue our efforts to reduce the usage of paper.  BH&L is dedicated to recycling used metal, toner, ink cartridges and other items.  We have participated in local area water conversation projects by upgrading our irrigation system.


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